Now watermarking in any font!

Sort of a long time coming, but folks have been asking politely over the years if we could build in a font uploader for WaterWoo, such that fonts could be added without knowledge of PHP. As it was, it wasn’t too complicated to hook into the existing TCPDF addTTFfont() function, but we get it: not everyone likes PHP like we do!

As of WaterWoo version 2.10, there is now a hidden admin settings page at (make sure to replace with your site), also linked from the main WaterWoo settings page under the font dropdown/selector.

link to add own font file

(The link to the hidden settings page from the main WaterWoo settings page)

Visiting this settings page, you will see an uploader similar to the native WordPress file uploader. You can either click to upload files, or drag files (one at a time) into the uploader area marked by dashed lines.

In order for the font file to successfully be added to WaterWoo, it must be a TTF (TrueType font) file, and it must not be locked under license. Some TTF files may be rejected–it is up to you to figure out why based on error messages you may encounter, or find an alternative font to use. Once you get a “successfully added” message, your font will be available as a selections in the settings, and you can watermark with it. Make sure the mbstring extension is enabled on your server (ask your host if you are not sure how to do this).

This is really exciting for people who would like to match their watermarking to their other marketing materials, or who simply want to watermark with more flair! Enjoy.