Gift Wrapper 4.0 Release

WooCommerce Gift Wrapper 4.0 is finally here and it sure does a lot more! Your product gift wrapping needs are now better covered, and the plugin even more extensible for WordPress developers looking for a place to start.

Important! Before upgrading

If you are not using any custom Gift Wrapper template overrides, Gift Wrapper plugin filter hooks or custom css, you should be able to upgrade without much concern. It never hurts to make website backups before updating any plugin or theme, though!

If you ARE using custom template overrides, filter hooks or custom CSS, you will want to carefully review the template changes especially, because these are breaking changes. We recommend upgrading to version 4.0 on a non-production site to ensure it works correctly for you, and your customizations are adjusted if needed, before upgrading your production (live) site.

Here are some of the new features:

  • A new WooCommerce settings tab for Gift Wrapper, with easier to find and navigate settings panels
  • A new settings section for language translations/adjustments, including more strings
  • Includes a gift wrap widget for Elementor Pro (must have the pro version for Elementor *WooCommerce* support) for order wrapping, for when styling the cart/checkout areas
  • Better styling compatibility with themes using a 2-column cart layout
  • Option to include gift note when using simple checkbox opt-in on product pages
  • Allow a fee to be added for using note field, e.g. in case of free wrap and priced notecard or such
  • If not more than one wrap allowed or wrap is set to 1 wrap per product, don’t show prompt if already wrapped
  • Add “Remove Gift Wrap” prompts for after gift wrap is added as attribute in cart
  • Cue in cart and on product pages when item cannot be gift wrapped. Can be turned on in general settings, and filtered using ‘wcgwp_cannot_wrap_notice’ hook
  • Show product parent relationship when simple checkbox wrap used for cart item wrap
  • …and more

The paid version (“Plus”) of WooCommerce Gift Wrapper is far and away more capable and featured compared to the free version, which is only meant to give an idea what can be done setting up gift wrapping as a WooCommerce product.

Learn more here