Full PDF barcode support for TCPDF Bridge

It’s pretty easy to create a QR code that opens a PDF. Google that and you’ll find a million results. But it’s a little trickier to add a QR code to an existing PDF.

The TCPDF Bridge WordPress plugin can do that now!

We’ve added settings to the TCPDF Bridge plugin settings panel to make adding different barcode types (including QR codes) to your PDFs, whether for retail, pharmacy, or industrial purposes. Since the plugin allows you to accept some user input before your PDF file is downloaded, you can even include that data in your barcode! Completely customized barcodes added on-the-fly to your PDFs, as they are downloaded… that’s pretty cool ????

Here are the types of barcodes supported by TCPDF Bridge:

  • CODE 39. Also called Alpha39, Code 3 of 9, Code 3/9, Type 39, USS Code 39, or USD-3. International standard ISO/IEC 16388) (C39)
  • CODE 39 with checksum (C39+)
  • CODE 39 extended (C39E)
  • CODE 39 extended with checksum (C39E+)
  • CODE 93 (USS-93, Canada Post)
  • Standard 2 of 5 (S25)
  • Standard 2 of 5 + (S25+)
  • Interleaved 2 of 5 (I25)
  • Interleaved 2 of 5 + (I25+)
  • CODE 128. International Standard ISO/IEC 15417. (C128)
  • CODE 128 A
  • CODE 128 B
  • CODE 128 C
  • EAN 2 2-Digits UPC-Based Extension. European Article Number. Magazines. (EAN2)
  • EAN 5 5-Digits UPC-Based Extension. Books. (EAN5)
  • EAN 8. International Standard ISO/IEC 15420 (EAN8)
  • EAN 13. International Standard ISO/IEC 15420 (EAN13)
  • Universal Product Code (UPC-A)
  • UPC-E
  • MSI. Modified Plessey. Warehouse use.
  • MSI+
  • POSTNET Old USPS barcode
  • PLANET Old USPS barcode, retired 2013
  • Royal Mail 4-state Customer Code – Customer Bar Code (RMS4CC)
  • Klant index – Customer index – PostNL (KIX)
  • Intelligent Mail Barcode – Onecode – USPS-B-3200 – United States Postal Service (IMB)
  • Pre-processed Intelligent Mail Barcode, using only F,A,D,T letters (IMBPRE)
  • CODABAR. Library use.
  • CODE 11. Telecommunications.
  • PHARMACODE. Pharmaceutical use
  • PDF417. International standard: ISO/IEC 15438. (PDF417 + a[aspect ratio (width/height)],e[error correction level (0-8)],t[total number of macro segments],s[macro segment index (0-99998)],f[file ID],o0[File Name (text)],o1[Segment Count (numeric)],o2[Time Stamp (numeric)],o3[Sender (text)],o4[Addressee (text)],o5[File Size (numeric)],o6[Checksum (numeric)])
  • QRCODE. International Standard: ISO/IEC 18004
  • QRCODE,L. Low error correction (7%).
  • QRCODE,M. Medium error correction (15%).
  • QRCODE,Q. Quartile error correction (25%)
  • QRCODE,H. High error correction (30%)
  • RAW. Comma-separad list of array rows
  • RAW2. Array rows are surrounded by square parenthesis.
  • TEST. Test matrix.

Your barcodes can be any size, any color, printed anywhere on the page. You can have two completely different barcodes printed on each page. The barcodes are configurable using TCPDF parameters, most of which are included in the settings panel. More advanced settings can be added using the TCPDF barcode $style PHP array() (detailed in this post about TCPDF barcoding) via text field in the settings.

WP TCPDF Bridge is a plugin for WordPress which allows you to create custom links (as shortcodes) to your PDF files, which when clicked, watermark and/or password your files just before delivery. These links can be placed in your posts/pages/widgets/etc. When clicked, the links optionally collect user data, which can be used to customizing the PDF before delivery. The plugin adds a level of security, as well as a personal touch, to your PDF-sharing.

Learn more about WP TCPDF Bridge.

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