About Little Package

Hello. I’m Caroline, the developer behind Little Package web goodies. Along with my helpers, I welcome you and hope I can help you have a better day.

I began hand-coding websites in 1998 and took up using Wordpress in 2003 (the year it was released)! A circuituous path brought me to full-time coding; in the past I’ve been a registered nurse in hospitals and a hatmaker.

In my “spare time,” I’ve always built websites for friends and small business clients. I am entirely self taught, and completely obsessed with building for the Internet. I’ve become a Wordpress “expert,” fluent in HTML/PHP/CSS, with a strong handle on JavaScript, MySQL, and Regex. I can navigate SEO implementations, social media, but find that web standards and careful content are more compelling. I excel in graphic design and with color, type-setting, and rhythm when given time. I specialize in migrations, full-stack build-outs, and e-commerce. I often create custom post types, dynamic forms, and funnels to help my customers deliver complex information and get results.

I have always built custom themes, plugins, and snippets whenever the need arose, and several have fleshed-out, becoming worthy of public use. Some are hosted here, the others are hosted in the Wordpress repository.

The past 6 years I have been neither nurse nor hatmaker, instead launching and maintaining many dozens of websites from the Eastern Sierra of California, and maintaining my small fleet of plugins. My pastimes include wrenching on my old Volkswagen Westfalia, hitchhiking and hiking all over the gorgeous Southwest USA, and baking sweets.