Watermark Width on a PDF

A customer just brought up an interesting point: since the watermark width (“cell width” in TCPDF terms) is determined by the PDF page width, won’t a line of text be a “little short” (limited) if the watermark is rotated diagonally? Since it would take a lot of math with a few variables (page size, mainly)… continue reading?

Sharing Passwords

That title probably caught your attention because… when do we ever share passwords? Actually, we do, a lot. Website administrators often have to share passwords with users and customers who have just been issued a password. Generally that is done automatically, without the administrator ever having any idea what password was shared. You know, for… continue reading?

Selling Customized Gift Certificates: A Case Study

When it’s impossible to have customers in the store and clients face-to-face, how can money be made? One fairly obvious, and earnest-enough, method is by selling your reputation on paper: gift certificates and gift vouchers. For many businesses there is a real opportunity for income here. And many (future) loyal customers understand that purchasing gift certificates is a way to support businesses right now. They know that by making these purchases, when the Great Shutdown begins to heal, their community might look closer to how it did in 2019.

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