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WooStamper improvements

Not only are we actively maintaining all our plugins, but we have been trickling out improvements… realized while we work on the successor to our PDF stamping plugins. For example, with version 1.2 of WooStamper (and v1.3 of EDDiStamper) there is better handling of PDF pages of varying size, in order to keep stamps inside… continue reading?

Sharing Passwords

That title probably caught your attention because… when do we ever share passwords? Actually, we do, a lot. Website administrators often have to share passwords with users and customers who have just been issued a password. Generally that is done automatically, without the administrator ever having any idea what password was shared. You know, for… continue reading?

Beyond Stamping PDFs with Custom Fonts

If you have tried to use the included font uploader in WaterWoo or EDDiMark, most the time you will be satisfied. It makes it very easy to add and watermark PDFs in nearly any font.

Unfortunately for some users whose languages require special characters, those characters might not be mapped in the font definition files and the dreaded ??????? or ▯▯▯▯▯▯▯ will show. That’s stressful!