EDDiMark PDF is an Easy Digital Downloads extension which allows you to watermark PDF files with customer information upon download. It not only can be used to help protect intellectual property, but also to customize/personalize PDF certificates, awards, coupons, and other documents.

EDDiMark is a PDF watermarking extension for Easy Digital Downloads, and works only with Easy Digital Downloads installed and configured.

Also see the documentation, FAQ, screenshots posted above, and the changelog.

EDDiMark PDF is licensed under the GNU general public license (http://www.gnu.org/licenses/gpl.html).

If you need a watermarker that works with WooCommerce, check out WaterWoo PDF!

Includes a ton of features you can’t get anywhere else:

  • Password protect your PDF files (optional). Choose a password, or set buyer’s email as the password.
  • Watermark designated PDF downloads (as specified by you), or *all* PDF downloads from your site
  • Allows watermarking files hosted at Dropbox in conjunction with the Easy Digital Downloads Dropbox extension
  • Allows watermarking files hosted on AWS in conjunction with the Easy Digital Downloads – Amazon S3 extension
  • Watermark can be moved on the page, allowing for different paper sizes (such as letter, A4, legal, etc)
  • Watermarks on portrait and landscape-oriented pages
  • Dynamic customer data inputs using shortcodes for customer first name, last name, email, payment ID, order date, and future date
  • Choice of font face, color, size and placement (horizontal line of text anywhere on the page)
  • Supports all versions of Adobe PDF (through 1.7)
  • Watermark all PDF/paper sizes, not just standard sizes
  • Extended support for stamping in your language (Windows-1252 AND extended characters offered by DejaVu Sans, M Sung [Chinese]and Furat [Arabic]) To see if your language will be watermark-able using DejaVu, view this chart.
  • Support for RTL (right-to-left) watermarking
  • Watermark with png/gif/jpg images
  • Preserves existing external URL links embedded in the PDF.
  • Rotatable transparent page overlay watermark, apart from footer watermark (two watermark locations!)
  • Additional text formatting options, such as style (bold, italics, HTML), and alignment (left/right/center) using inline CSS
  • Add a 1D or 2D custom barcode (includes QR codes) to your watermark!
  • Begin watermark on selected page of PDF document (to avoid watermarking a cover page, for example)
  • Watermark every page, every odd page, or every even page. Watermark the first page only or the last page only.
  • Optionally prevent copying, annotating, or modifying of your PDF files
  • Localization ready.
  • Filter hook to add your own font – ‘wwpdf_add_custom_font’
  • Filter hook – ‘wwpdf_add_barcode’ – to add a 1D or 2D barcode such as a QR CODE to your watermark!
  • Open source code – get your hands dirty if you want!
  • WordPress 4.4 or newer
  • Easy Digital Downloads 2.8 or newer
  • PDF(s). EDDiMark will not work on other types of files like ePub. The plugin may not work on large PDF files. Recommended file size 20mb or less.
  • PHP 5.6 or newer (recommended 7.0 or newer)
  • PHP mbstring (multi-byte string) support if using an international font, Deja Vu, M Sung or Furat
  • If you are selling large files or have high sales traffic, you may need to upgrade your hosting account. Do at least set your PHP memory limit high.

What is EDDiMark PDF best for? In a few words: simple, smaller-size PDFs

  • EDDiMark does not preserve internal links in a PDF such as table of contents
  • EDDiMark can not parse or watermark PDF forms
  • PDF passwording and encryption is not guaranteed to thwart customers who are determined to steal your product.

To watermark sheet music, sewing patterns, customized gift certificates and awards, and small pamphlets, EDDiMark is perfect for the job.