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Will EDDiMark PDF watermark images?

EDDiMark PDF is intended to watermark PDF (.pdf) files. If you are specifically looking to watermark image files (.jpg, .jpeg, .gif, .png, .etc), you may want to look into a plugin such as Image Watermark.

You can; however, watermark on PDFs with transparent (GIF, PNG) images. Image width and height must be indicated when using an tag in your watermark input. Use the full image path (not a URL) for more reliable results.

It doesn’t seem to work

First make sure you have checked the box at the top of your settings page (Downloads -> Extensions -> PDF Watermark) so that watermarking is enabled! If you’d rather just watermark a couple files, or certain files, list them in the textarea box below the global watermark checkbox, one file name per line.

If your watermark contains characters that aren’t in Windows-1252, set “Déjà Vu” as your watermarking font. This would include the types of characters seen in French and Polish, for example. When in doubt, please try Déjà Vu.

Maybe make sure your original file name doesn’t contain spaces. Replace blank spaces with dashes or underscores and keep file names simple. This isn’t usually the cause of problems, though.

Make sure your uploaded PDF file is not already encrypted/passworded. EDDiMark PDF needs full access to the PDF guts to do its magic!

Some PDF files are mildly corrupted. Re-saving them with Apple Preview or Adobe Acrobat can help clean them up so EDDiMark can do its job. If we find that your PDF is the problem and not EDDiPDF, it is up to you to repair your PDF.

What shortcodes are available?

Simple shortcodes

Shortcodes available are [FIRSTNAME] [LASTNAME] [EMAIL] [PAYMENTID]. Additional, special shortcodes are described below. Using these as placeholders in the footer or overlay input fields, EDDiMark will magically replace them with the customer’s values upon download. Use square brackets and all caps.

Date shortcode

[DATE] can be used as-is, and will insert the order date.

To add a future date marked from the date of purchase, you can use the [DATE-#YRS] [DATE-#MOS] [DATE-#WKS] [DATE-#DAYS] shortcode, where # is replaced with the number of days/months/weeks/years desired. This shortcode is based on 30-day months, and 365-day years, so it might be best to use days if you need precision.

Inline CSS styles

To style a link (<a>) or tag when using HTML, the following inline CSS options are available: font-style:italic, font-weight:bold, and text-align:center and text-align:right. This feature allows you to center text.

Here’s an example of the code you could use to center some bold text in your watermark:

<span style="text-align: center; font-weight: bold;">center some bold text</span>

This might also work:

<span style="text-align: center"><strong>center some bold text</strong></span>

Opacity shortcode

{OPAC} is a shortcode for creating transparency. It must be used with a dash and a number less than or equal to 1. This is very helpful for people not wanting to obscure their PDF content, since the watermark sits on top.

{OPAC-0.5}This is sample text{/OPAC}

“This is sample text” will be at 50% transparency.

{OPAC-0.1}This is very transparent text{/OPAC}

“This is very transparent text” will be at 10% transparency.

Note there is an open tag and a close tag around the text. If text does not wrap when using this tag, you may have to use tags.

I can’t activate my API key

An API key is not necessary for the plugin to have full watermarking functionality, so don’t panic. The first thing to make sure is, is your API key less than a year old? They last one year, then must be renewed. Renewals are 50% off, just make sure you’re logged into your account before buying for the discount to show. You can find out more on your account at Secondly, your API key is entered under WordPress Settings -> EDDiMark License. (It is not found in the Easy Digital Downloads or EDDiMark settings panel.) There is also an option to deactivate a license, which can be used if you want to move it to another domain, or just to reset.
If you’re still stuck, or have an error about an “Invalid Instance ID,” the best course of action is to deactivate, then re-activate the plugin. Then try to activate your license key again. You will not lose your watermarking settings doing this, unless you have expressly chosen that option in the Deactivation menu.

Where do the watermarked files go?

Easy Digital Downloads forces a download and the watermarked files do not stay on the server.

How do I test my watermark?

On-the-fly manual creation of watermarked PDFs on the settings page is an upcoming feature.

Meanwhile: create a discount code in your Easy Digital Downloads shop to allow 100% free purchases. Don’t share this coupon code with anyone! Test your watermark by purchasing PDFs from your shop using the discount code. Once you have purchased the file once, delete your coupon and you can test your changes from your “” screen as long as your download privileges remain valid.

Where do I change watermark settings?

You can find the EDDiMark PDF settings page by clicking on the “Settings” link under the EDD “Downloads” menu in WordPress, and navigating to the “Extensions” tab.

Do I have to use the Easy Digital Downloads plugin for this to work?


I am getting an error message

Ack! That’s horrible. Please let us know right away!

Uncaught exception ‘InvalidArgumentException’ with message ‘Cannot open’…”

If you get this error while trying to watermark or test watermark a file, it is likely because your filename uses unsafe characters like spaces in the PDF file name. Replace spaces with dashes or underscores or remove them.

Fatal error: Allowed memory size of n bytes exhausted

If you get this error, please refer to “Recommendations” in the plugin documentation.

My watermark isn’t English

Select the “Deja Vu,” “Furat,” or “M Sung” font in the Settings panel if your language uses accent characters. To see if your language will be watermark-able with the Deja Vu font, view this chart. Select Furat for Arabic script, or M Sung for Chinese. Right to Left (RTL) watermarking is possible with EddiMark PDF.

A primary reason watermarks do not show up is when the watermark contains special characters but a font which doesn’t support those characters is in use.

Why does the watermark go off the page, create new pages?

Your watermark text string is too big or long for the page! FPDF is a little dumb, and created a blank page trying to accommodate the overflowing text.

Try decreasing font size, adjusting margins, adjusting rotation, or using the X and Y fine tuners to move the watermark back onto the page. The built-in adjustments on the settings page ultimately allow for watermarking on all document sizes. You may need to edit your watermark if it is too verbose.

Does this work for ePub/Mobi files or .XYZ (not .PDF)?

No, this plugin watermarks PDF file types only.