Waterwoo Watermark PDF

Selling PDFs online in a WooCommerce store? Watermark and/or password them with your customer’s information!

If you are trying to sell e-books or PDFs online, you are right to feel concerned about intellectual theft. Most anyone can download your PDF and turn around and share it with family, friends, or much worse: the entire internet via peer-to-peer networks. One might even try to re-sell your file. And unfortunately many people do not realize that this is not only unfair, but that it is a crime.

If you need to watermark PDF documents version 1.5 and newer without fuss, and also want many more features including broader language support, individual product and variation watermarking, external file hosting (S3, Dropbox), password protection and encryption, more frequent updates, and user support, consider purchasing WaterWoo PDF Premium. WaterWoo is the most powerful and finely configurable PDF watermarker available for WooCommerce. In other words, it’s the best.

See all features, requirements, and limitations of the plugin here.