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WCGWP Changelog

Changelog for WooCommerce Gift Wrapper Plus

Jan 2019 – 1.0

Feb 22 2019 – 1.0.1
Tweak – how “Giftwrap Details” is managed – for those with difficulty translating it

Feb 24 2019 – 1.0.2
Fix – if only one giftwrap product and non-simple (checkbox) option checked, do not add giftwrap to cart unless selected

March 29 2019 – 1.1
* Feature – ‘wcgwp_modal_size’ filter hook for adjusting modal size
* Feature – handy link to license settings in plugins list
* Feature – German translation added (thank you Dorothea N)
* Tweak – Update Bootstrap modal css to version 4.3.1
* Tweak – unique CSS IDs for line item textareas in cart
* Tweak – use aria-hidden for JS gift wrap (non-modal) slideouts
* Fix – also add user note to giftwrap selection in line item slideout

July 27 2019 – 1.1.1
* Update API server – no longer, now

September 6 2019 – 2.0-beta
(available for download from /my-account page Sept 10 2019
This is a stable beta but we need more time for writing documentation on it before release. It is also a BREAKING update if you are using Gift Wrapper templates. Please review template changes carefully before going production with it.

* Feature – store inline cart gift wrap items as separate products in order to allow for inventory, refunds, etc.
* Feature – sort and style inline cart wrap products with parent products in cart, mini cart, and order review
* Feature – (beta) control number of gift wrap added to each product, 1:1 ratio, 1:x ratio, or ad-lib (free quantity ratios)
* Fix – don’t link thumbnails to gift wrap products in order review if not desired
* Tweak – don’t show Gift Wrapping options on product page representing Gift Wrap
* Tweak – expand category exclusion to line items in cart/checkout, not just single product pages
* Tweak – if per-product override of gift-wrapping exclusion, honor it
* CSS class for table row and list line items containing gift wrap, with arrow to show wrap product association
* Initiate versioning for templates (until notifications set up, keep a close eye on versions!)
* Don’t show radio boxes in single product page gift wrap if only one gift wrap selection
* Don’t show note meta in cart if no note added (to assists folks using this plugin in other ways)
* Further data sanitization for security
* Compatibility with WC 3.7