EDDiStamper PDF works with Setasign Stamper (purchased and installed separately) to stamp PDF files with customer data (or any text or image) upon a Easy Digital Download sale.

Purchase includes one year of updates and support
After 1 year, renew manually when ready, with 35% discount
30-day refund – for any reason!

Connect Easy Digital Downloads to SetaPDF-Stamper by Setasign for PDF watermarking!

This plugin is functions similarly to EDDiMark PDF but uses a better software library to process PDFs (SetaPDF-Stamper).

Existing watermarking plugins for WordPress often alter crucial aspects of PDFs while watermarking them, if they can watermark them at all. In response to a demand for a watermarker that does not alter a PDF other than to add a mark and/or encrypt & password, we are offering EDDiStamper PDF. It is most important to understand that EDDiStamper is not a standalone plugin; you must also purchase a license for SetaPDF-Stamper and install that library with EDDiStamper.


  • Both plugins work on top of WordPress and Easy Digital Downloads
  • Both plugins use customer data collected during checkout for customized watermarks, if desired
  • Both plugins allow PDF passwording, encryption and permissions-limiting
  • Both plugins allow for watermark text transparency


  • This plugin (stamper) requires the purchase of SetaPDF-Stamper to stamp PDFs. SetaPDF-Stamper has non-GPL-compatible licensing, and so this plugin absolutely cannot be distributed bundled with Seta per WordPress GNU. Sorry for the inconvenience. Find installation instructions under the “Limitations” tab. If you are able to access your online WP files via FTP, SSH, or cPanel File Manager, then you will be able to install the Setasign package and move forward. Uploading the Seta library completes installation — easy enough.
  • This plugin only places one watermark, anywhere on the page. It does not accept HTML in the watermark content, and so highly customized styling is less possible. It does not watermark with images.
  • This plugin preserves all original functions of your PDF: internal links such as table of contents, forms, etc. Many people need this function so badly they are willing to forego the fancy extra features of EDDiMark PDF, which will not preserve internal links
  • This plugin preserves all original PDF metadata
  • This plugin maintains PDF accessibility (PDFs are accessible after stamping)
  • This plugin does not watermark custom barcodes and QR codes
  • This plugin does not have RTL capacity
  • This plugin offers better control of encryption and passwording, and is thus more secure for your sensitive content
  • This plugin allows you to open and manipulate an already-encrypted PDF before customer delivery — as long as you have the owner password (which need not be shared!)


EDDiStamper WordPress Settings Panel (version 1.2)

  • Stamp all PDF files with the same settings OR set individual, totally unique stamps per product or even per product variation!
  • Optionally password protect PDF files. Choose a password, or set buyer’s email as the password, or use a filter hook to create your desired password (phone, zip code… or get creative with your own PHP). Two levels of passwording standard with PDF: User and Owner. Owner password, which provides total access to a PDF, is set (editable) if encryption is turned on.
  • Optionally prevent copying, annotating, or modifying of your PDF files
  • Allows stamping files hosted at Dropbox in conjunction with the Easy Digital Downloads Dropbox extension
  • Allows stamping files hosted on AWS in conjunction with the Easy Digital Downloads – Amazon S3 extension
  • Compatible with EDD All Access
  • Accessible PDFs remain accessible even after stamping
  • Stamp can be moved on the page, allowing for different paper sizes (such as letter, A4, legal, etc)
  • Stamps on portrait and landscape-oriented pages
  • Stamps upon click of either the customer’s order confirmation page link or email order confirmation link
  • Dynamic customer data inputs using shortcodes for customer first name, last name, email, phone, and order date
  • Choice of font face, color, size and placement (horizontal line of text anywhere on the page)
  • Supports all versions of Adobe PDF (through 1.7)
  • Preserves all links in a PDF, internal (such as Table of Contents) and external (web pages, for example).
  • Preserves existing PDF metadata
  • Additional dynamic customer data input using shortcodes: business name, order date plus days/weeks/months/years (could be used for product/license expiration dates), order number, product name, and quantity ordered by product ID (could be used to stamp how many of a specific item was purchased)
  • Begin stamp on selected page of PDF document (to avoid stamping a cover page, for example)
  • Stamp every page, every odd page, or every even page. Stamp the first page only or the last page only.
  • Test your stamp and/or manually stamp a file on the fly
  • Option to fall back and serve file un-stamped if stamping fails, rather than show customer an error
  • Built-in event and error logging to help with record-keeping and trouble-shooting
  • Translation ready
  • Open source code
  • Excellent customer service
  • SetaSign Stamper version 2.4 or newer (separate purchase)
  • WordPress 4.9 or newer
  • Easy Digital Downloads 2.8 or newer
  • PHP 5.6 or newer (recommended 7.0 or newer, compatible to PHP 8.2)

EDDiStamper is more advanced to setup and suited for developers and folks very serious about their PDFs.

Please read carefully before purchasing, this plugin will be moderately more difficult to setup than most WordPress plugins because it is a bridge, or drop-in plugin, and requires additional (paid) software to function.

  • EDDiStamper PDF is not a freestanding plugin. You must also purchase SetaSign Stamper and install. You will be responsible for choosing the correct SetaSign license option for your purpose.
  • You may use a 14-day free evaluation copy of SetaPDF Stamper to “try out” the stamping. In order to do that you must have Ioncube functioning on your server and the Seta evaluation license in place. Please keep our refund policy in mind. Remember we are constantly working hard to make EDDiStamper the best, and listen carefully to customer feedback!

Installation instructions:

  1. Install EDDiStamper PDF to your /wp-content/plugins/ folder
  2. purchase your SetaSign Stamper license and download the software package.
  3. Unzip the SetaSign Stamper software package and install the /SetaPDF folder inside your /wp-content/uploads/eddistamper/ folder.