Gift Wrapper Plus is absolutely the most robust and configurable gift wrapping plugin available for WooCommerce. Add gift wrap or notecards from the Woo product pages, cart or checkout. Wrap is treated as a product so you can discount, inventory, tax, and track its sales.

Gift Wrapper Plus is an extension for WooCommerce which allows customers to add gift wrap to any single product or while in the cart and checkout as desired. Even better, it’s fully configurable with a thorough admin option panel, as well as its own hooks and theme templates. It is the only freemium gift wrapping plugin for WooCommerce which takes full advantage of the WordPress CMS by making Gift Wraps = products (a WordPress post type). As products, the wraps can then be inventoried and separately taxed and charged. This is important for shops which must charge different tax for their product vs. gift wrapping.

This gift wrap plugin for WooCommerce also allows you to create different wrap sets for different products. Don’t want to wrap the heavy furniture you are selling? We didn’t think so. Can’t fit the tennis racket in the gift bag, but you want to offer a box? You can do that. You could also set a wrapping group for products and a separate group – perhaps wrap gift notes – to be offered during checkout. Because of this, Gift Wrapper Plus is the most complete gift wrapping solution for WooCommerce on the market. Check out the free version!

Gift Wrapper Plus not only allows customers to add gift wrap to an order in the cart and checkout pages, but allows a for adding gift wrap per product while on product pages and to items while in the cart by line item. This plugin has the most configurations of any gift wrap plugin to allow shop managers to offer wrap or product add-ons in the desired manner. This also plugin includes CSS tags, plugin templates, and hooks which make achieving a specific “look” possible.

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